My online face

Put on a happy face and go out in the world. That’s what I do every day with my various faces, online and in print. I don’t use the same face for my different sites as you will see here:

































365 project365 Project




Then there is Facebook and this blog that share the same photo.facebook






My business card uses this photo:business card




Do you use the same avatar for all of your sites, or like me, do you mix it up a bit?

13 responses to “My online face

  1. I mix it up a little, but I don’t have nearly the number of them you do! Wow! 🙂

  2. I use the same one – the one I wish I still looked like lol. I haven’t changed that much but it was a happy day when it was taken and like you, I like to put on a happy face.
    Take care

    • I’ve changed mine around on the blog and on Facebook, but the others have pretty much stayed the same. Of course, social media is still pretty new. Maybe next year I’ll make some changes.

  3. Fun! I don’t post my photo except for Facebook and it’s hard to find a good one so I don’t change it often.

    • I occasionally change my FB pic because of an event like a birthday or anniversary. I have quite a collection of profile pictures there to choose from. Which reminds me, next week is our 39th anniversary. Maybe I’ll change to a wedding pic.

  4. I don’t think I HAVE as many good photos of myself as you do!

    • Selfies are pretty easy what with my iPhone and the Mac. Then it’s fun to use PhotoShop, too. The Yelp avatar is from a photo class I took at Stanford University. The instagram dragon is from a local park.

  5. I don’t know how you keep up with all of them. Dianne

  6. Pretty lady. You look great in all of ’em (Yelp and Instagram notwithstanding 🙂

  7. I have two photos I use, mainly because I just haven’t bothered to change my WordPress site. I don’t do Pinterest or Yelp or much of anything else. Your Instagram gave me a happy chuckle.

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