Sunny and dry in California

If you live in California then you know it’s warm and dry. I type these words as I sit on my patio, letting the sprinklers run in my dry and dusty backyard. Here is my view:

Photo on 1-24-14 at 2.39 PM


I’ve left the leaves on the ground to hold in some moisture and hold down the dust. Normally, by late January, the leaves are long gone and the winter grasses have filled in the backyard, but not this year. So, I’m watering to keep the dust down. This is not helping with my 20 percent water conservation. Tomorrow I will run the sprinklers in the front yard.



6 responses to “Sunny and dry in California

  1. I’m in Northern Nevada and I think we are going to have to start watering our trees to keep them from dying. Weird — I have never had to water in January.

  2. Mind if I send you some of our snow? We’ve got plenty (!) and it would help to cure the drought in your area. Yoo-hoo….Fed-Ex….. 😉

  3. hope you get some needed rain.

  4. It’s so strange here to have week after week of dry weather. I am praying for California to get some rain soon. I know you really really need it.

  5. We’re getting quite a few drizzles over here, but not enough to have a really good soaking. I hope you all get some good rainfall soon. Your fires are so scary.

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