Coastal getaway–#5

One afternoon, after playing in the sand and walking around town, we got in our cars and headed north to San Simeon and a couple of beaches nearby.

Our son-in-law mentioned the elephant seal beach that is in that vicinity, so our first stop was there:

elephant seal 1

This is birthing season of the elephant seal with over 7,000 of these creatures currently onshore. This is the largest rookery:

elephant seal 2

I had left my jacket at the apartment so could only stand out in the cold wind for a short time before running back to the car. Which turned out okay because our tiny grandson was taking his nap during this time so I sat with him so his mother could see the seals.

Some of the seals choose other beaches. We stopped at William Randolph Hearst State Park, directly across from the entrance to Hearst Castle,to enjoy this beautiful beach and saw a few seals up on the sand:

elephant seal 3

I took all of these photos with my iPhone but could not get a decent one of the castle from the park so am using Terry’s photo:


This is how the castle appears from out on the pier of the park. My seventh and eighth grade English teacher and his wife, my sixth grade teacher, were summer docents at the castle, and every year brought back slides of the rooms and places where they worked, to show their classes. Due to seeing those photos, I have never had a burning desire to go to Hearst Castle. The tours are very pricey. It would cost $130/per adult to see the whole thing.

We saw a herd of Hearst’s zebras on our return trip, making their way to another part of the compound of 250,000 acres. The castle and its gardens sit on 127 acres. I would enjoy seeing the gardens some time.


3 responses to “Coastal getaway–#5

  1. Wow! I had no idea how expensive seeing the Hearst Castle would be. In the mid-sixties, my former husband and I visited this beach when he was stationed at Fr. Ord. We had hope to catch a tour of the castle, but being naive, and without funds, we realized we were fortunate we got there too late for a tour. It was expensive even back then.

  2. That elephant seal rookery is really extraordinary! I’ve found that the iPhone does fine for some shots, but if it’s dark or if I want close ups, I need my regular camera.

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