It was a very healthy year

You may remember some of the posts about my Breville juicer that I bought last year and the juices I was making with it.  After a few of those posts I decided to throttle back and not post every juice I made as I was making juice about three times a week and I knew it would weary the reader.

Terry and I enjoyed most of the ones I made. A few, especially with beets and kale, could get a little too green tasting but we soldiered on. The only time I drew the line was with celery and/or cucumber. Neither of those made a palatable juice. Kiwi is very pleasant, though. We especially liked any juice with blueberries in it. That made the kale very palatable. Basil, fennel, and mint added nice touches, too. I found that fresh thyme with cranberries was excellent.

It’s been a full year of juice. We’ve also cut way back on meat in our diet during that time. We still have meat or chicken about once a week, and those are organic, humanely-raised pieces. Any bacon, salami, or sausage that we have is uncured, with no nitrates or nitrites. Terry will tease when I buy these that I am serving him “sick” food since it’s “uncured.” We are eating more grains. My big weakness is sugar and butter. I love to bake, and eat my handiwork!

There is a study out of the University of Eastern Finland that looked at diet and depression. The subjects were men. I would like to have seen women studied also. They found that a healthy diet may reduce the risk of severe depression, and that a diet rich in folate lowered the risk of depression. Maybe this is why Terry and I tend to be so happy.  It’s our diet! We have been very healthy this past year and that certainly keeps one from being depressed.

Terry has been in a long-term study about stroke with the University of Alabama for many years now. They check in on him twice a year with a series of questions. He told me that the last call he received had a series of events that would cause one to seek a doctor’s care. They wanted to know if and when he had seen a doctor about any of them. He hadn’t as he had none of the symptoms they listed. About the only time Terry sees the doctor’s office is when we go for our flu shots in October. 

I received a phone call yesterday from an organization for whom we volunteer. The girl on the other end commented that she always liked to call me because I was always so upbeat and pleasant. I later told this to Terry and we wondered about the others whom she calls. Are they grouchy? Maybe we should recommend a change in their diet!




7 responses to “It was a very healthy year

  1. The old saying, you are what you eat must be true! I’m making veggie soup today. Smoothies in the Ice and snow don’t go down too well.

  2. I love vegetables, the juicing sounds delicious.

  3. I watched a documentary called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” which extolled the virtues of juice fasting. It was amazing to see the difference in people. Sounds like you’re discovering how healthy it is, too. I love kale in any form, BTW, so I might be an anomaly. 🙂

    • We eat food, too, DJan. I don’t think I would be happy with a juice fast for very long. Terry and I have always enjoyed good health but as we have gotten older, I have realized my energy levels aren’t what they use to be. I don’t want to get unhealthy because we have those fabulous grandchildren for whom I want to be around. So, I’m trying to eat better and exercise more. I had a dear friend whose bad diet caused her body to literally fall apart. Also know some other people who have a myriad of health problems that cannot be cured and they are all caused by bad eating. I keep telling people who have terrible health issues to try a plant-based diet, but they always have an excuse why they can’t try it. They just keep lamenting their bad health.

  4. I’m glad to know all that healthy eating is working for the both of you. We try our best too.

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