Coastal getaway-#6

Edward Hopper is a favorite painter of mine. Many of his paintings involve people not interacting with one another but rather with their surroundings. I thought of his work when I looked out, across the street from our vacation rental, to an area of a beachside hotel, and saw this couple and their dog:


Again, my iPhone would not have picked up the couple very well from that distance so I am using Terry’s photo.

Another place that could have been a painting was this vine-covered cottage we saw on a walk:


And again, this is Terry’s photo as we were standing across the street, too far away for my iPhone to do it justice.

Our anniversary fell on one of our days at the beach. The lovely little shop, Happy Go Smile, that I had earlier discovered, also had cupcakes. I picked up three one morning for our afternoon snack and we all shared these strawberry shortcake cupcakes in celebration of 39 years:


Since we were gone Sunday, when Jennifer would usually be teaching Sunday School, she brought along the lesson and taught the small grandchildren about loving one another:

Sunday school

They each made a love bug:love bugs

We had a great time on our coastal getaway, but just as the sun sets, we too had to return to our regular life:


6 responses to “Coastal getaway-#6

  1. I’m thinking that those grandchildren got an additional lesson in love watching Grandma and Grandpa celebrate thier 39 years. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary, wow! 39 years. Lovely getaway!

  3. I love those first two photos! They would make great paintings.

  4. I sure love that last picture. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. I’m now in Texas and we’ll have the celebration of my sister’s life tomorrow.

  5. Lovely perfect sunset and the cupcake looks good too. Now that’s a vine covered cottage hope it’s not a man eating vine!!

  6. That cupcake looks like I could reach out and touch it! Yum! I’m glad you did something with that cottage on Photoshop.

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