Yesterday I bought all their favorite foods–mac n cheese, french fries, chicken nuggets, juice boxes, hot dogs, beans, cheese, eggs, chocolate soy milk. Today I made a banana pudding. Terry is vacuuming. Later I’ll clean up the backyard from the rains we had for two weeks. I seriously considered buying a sandbox but have put that on the back burner for now.

The grandchildren are coming for the weekend. We will pick them up tomorrow and return them home on Monday, which is a holiday so Leeya will be out of school and won’t be missing anything. I am trying very hard to not take her out of school, even though it’s preschool that her parents pay for whether she attends or not. I believe attendance habits are formed at a young age, and once she goes to kindergarten next year, we won’t be able to do some of the midweek adventures like that coastal getaway a few weeks ago.

Leeya and Judah have been pestering their parents to go to Grandma and Papa’s house. Even when we were leaving Cayucos they wanted to know if they were going to our house when we talked of going home. Our daughter tried to appease them with the fact that they had gotten to spend four days with Grandma and Papa, but it’s not US they want to see, it’s our house. When they come here, they are in charge. They get to do what they want like watch PBS cartoons all morning. They get to choose their foods. Even though I have planned menus for this weekend, I know it will change once they get here and I ask them if they want such and such for lunch, dinner, etc. Jennifer says to not ask them, just fix the food and put it in front of them. That’s how she does it, but at Grandma’s it’s different.  We have an assortment of toys they play with as well as a variety of craft materials. All different from those at home. Even the books are different. There is a bubble bath every night.

So, we will be tired by the end of Monday, but as all good grandparents know, that’s what it’s all about. Making small grandchildren very happy. I know these days are numbered. They will get older and Grandma and Papa will become boring. We will enjoy being tired for now.

9 responses to “Preparations

  1. You are so right about those times passing quickly. I remember my grandmother’s cinnamon toast: it was the only time I got it made “just right,” the way SHE made it. 🙂

  2. I am SO going to school on being a great G’ma from you! Getting to choose their own food…. who’d a thunk it?!?!?!

    • My daughter is not always pleased with my grandma technique, but she knows how much the kids love us and we love them. I do adhere to their vegan diet while they are here and I keep them pretty much on a schedule. No one but grandma ever wants to take a nap, though.

  3. enjoy your time with them, it flies so fast!

  4. My daughter told me the other day that the reason why her 3 yr old son loves to come to grandma’s is that he gets to watch TV and play with the iPad here until he gets tired of it. Ha.

  5. You sound like me years ago. What fun when they are young!

  6. Your grandchildren are so LUCKY to have you and Terry, Delaine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  7. You are so right. The time is short. My grands are all too old for such times at my house. Reading this made me nostalgic. I miss those days. Treasure them.

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