What’s on your stove today?

Although we have had few storms this winter, the days can be cool, as is today, as well as overcast. Time for a pot of bean soup.

I buy these great one pound bags of bean soup mix at my local grocer for about $2. There are 13 kinds of beans and lentils in the bag with a small envelope of seasoning. I usually soak the beans for about 45 minutes, rinsing a few times, and then I chop up an onion and carrot to put in the pot with the beans and water. Today I had a bunch of parsley and a leek left from last week’s CSA box that I chopped up and threw in. The whole thing is bubbling away now and should be done by 1:30 when I leave for the after school program I am doing.

Terry’s car is malfunctioning so I dropped him off at his office this morning and will pick him up after Good News Club at a nearby school. Very convenient for carpooling! Then we’ll pick up this week’s CSA box, come home, and have bean soup for dinner.

What’s on your stove?


11 responses to “What’s on your stove today?

  1. Hubby is getting ready to steam kale and brussels sprouts. Your soup sounds wonderful!

  2. your bean soup sounds delicious! Perfect for winter, we had a snowstorm today in the Toronto area.

  3. I rarely buy the bean soup mixes. The only ones they carry around here come with a seasoning packet that’s too salty for my taste. Instead when the urge to cook beans strikes I’ll do a bag of pinto, great northern, or garbanzos. I freeze them in meal-sized containers so they’re always ready.

    • Whole Foods sells the mix in the bulk section but w/o the lentils. The mix I buy is just the perfect mix of beans and lentils. Sometimes I don’t use the season packet.

  4. I’m thinking about meatloaf today. It’s also one of those super meals where I cook once, but max out the leftovers (excuse me “extras”) for a couple of “don’t feel like cooking” days. Your soup sounds yummy.

  5. I had a taste for chicken and dumplings, so I threw chicken tenders in the crockpot, some veggies, along with cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soup and let simmer most of the day. Dumplings were bisquick. Turned out nowhere near what mama use to make, but was edible.

    • Every so often I roast a chicken or a turkey breast, bone-in, and use the carcass to make chicken and dumplings. I cook the carcass in a big soup pot with celery, onions, and carrots. And, likewise, I use Bisquick for my dumplings. Mmmm.

  6. Hmmm… Well… Mom made a seaweed and fishcake main dish with miso soup tonight. I made the salad. All in all, very good.

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