A bit of a change of plans

This is one of those weeks that has lots going on. My plan for today, though, had been to stay at home and get a few things done around here as well as a few loads of laundry washed. God had other plans for me, I guess.

Yesterday, as I drove home from the after school program at a local elementary school, I realized I had left my lesson book in the classroom that we use once a week. I had been thrown off of my clean up due to a little boy attempting to leave before his mother showed up to get him. I grabbed my bag, thinking everything was in it, and escorted him to the front of the school where his mother was waiting. It is our policy to not allow the children to wander off without an adult with them. The other ladies with whom I work on Tuesday afternoons finished up and locked the room and met me just as I was heading to my car. It was only once I was on the road that I realized the book was missing from my bag.

My plan was to get up early this morning and go by the school around 9 so as to check in the classroom and see if that was where I had actually left the book, or if it had been picked up by one of the other gals, and if so, trying to locate the book so I can prepare for next week’s lesson. Fortunately, the teacher who allows us to use her room is a real sweetheart, and she had found the book as well as one of the children’s books, too. I got my book; she said she would return the books to the student as she knew him, and then I ran into one of our kids who had not been attending Good News Club the last few weeks. She told me she missed coming and would try to get her mother to let her come again. There seems to be a problem about picking her up. Mom would prefer the girl walk home with her friends rather than stay after for an hour and be picked up by the mother. We only have another five weeks for this year’s program, and the girl was adamant about coming. I sure hope she can make it.

At this point, I would have headed back home had I not had another snafu this morning. My iPhone needed to be charged, and when I plugged it in, the phone died. Completely dead. I tried pushing buttons, but I could not resuscitate it. Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment at Apple Genius Bar for 10 o’clock. I left the house, for the first stop at the school, in a bit of a panic. What if something happened on the way? How would I notify anyone? I have come to strongly rely on my iPhone to communicate with the world. Besides, there are no pay phones around any more. The stop at the school went smoothly, and I got to the mall where the Apple store is located with time to spare. I even walked the mall, looking in store windows, before the stores opened at 10.

While walking, I saw some shoes that appealed to me and that could replace a pair I bought when we lived in San Francisco. That SF pair had gotten to look really shabby and needed to be tossed, but not until I found a replacement pair.

At 10 o’clock I went into the Apple store, was greeted and immediately turned over to a “genius.” Gosh, I love these people. The young lady got my phone working with a ‘hard’ reset which made me very happy. Then I checked about a new phone and found I am eligible to get a new one on my plan after March 21. Terry and I have been talking for awhile now that I need to upgrade and get more memory and that he will take my iPhone 4 since he has been using my old iPhone 3 and can no longer upgrade the operating system making him unable to run some apps. Now I know when to return and purchase the upgrade.

After I finished at Apple, I headed to the shoe store, got two pair of black and white shoes (couldn’t choose just one, and they were so cheap) and was in my car as the first rain drops started to fall. Yes, we are due for two rain storms this week. I was home before noon and still able to get those loads of laundry done.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program.

8 responses to “A bit of a change of plans

  1. Glad to hear you were able to fix your phone and that you are eligible for an upgrade soon. I’m eligible in November and will get a new phone then, too. I am addicted to being connected everywhere! 🙂

  2. Heard you are getting much needed rain! Great that you got new shoes and that things are back to normal!

    • It poured here last night. Our patio roof leaked, alas, and so we had some water on the patio when we got up this morning. The wind blew so hard that one of the wind chimes flew out of the tree. Today we have sun and 65 degrees and another storm is lined up to come in tonight.

  3. Good gracious! What a day you had! And to think you got shoes, a new iPhone and also got your laundry done. How much better can it get?

  4. What did we do before we were always connected??? I hate it when that happens.

  5. You certainly had a busy day.

    • Not as busy as long ago when I was working, but it was sort of chaotic since none of it was planned. Yet, God took very good care of me and got it all taken care of, and I got a couple of pairs of new shoes out of the deal!

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