Photos by grandchildren

My two year old grandson has recently discovered my iPhone’s camera. He, like his big sister, enjoys watching videos on my phone, and just like Leeya, Judah also likes to take pictures. Most of his photos are of his knees, feet, and the couch he’s sitting on. He gets a few good ones, though.

My friend brought her granddaughters along to our last Ladies Who Lunch, and just like my grandson, her eight year old granddaughter likes to take pictures. Gladys let the girl have the camera to capture our moments at lunch.

Both grandchildren took pictures with me in them, and with a little Photoshopping, I combined the photos to show off their talent:

Photos by grandchildren


The picture on the left was taken in our home’s hallway by my grandson. The one on the right was taken by Gladys’ granddaughter just two days later outside the restaurant where we met for lunch. I think these kids did a pretty good job.


6 responses to “Photos by grandchildren

  1. Amazing! They both did a great job. Of course, it helps that you have such a radiant smile!

  2. You’ll have to show them how you posted their photos on your blog. They’ll be so proud!

    • I don’t think my grandson would care, but I did post this photo on Facebook because my friend is there and I wanted her to see what I had done with her granddaughter’s photo. She was very pleased to pass it along to her granddaughter, who is also named Leah, just with a different spelling.

  3. Wow they did do a good job! Kids are better with technology than the older generation I think.

  4. What great pictures! You look so happy in both of them. Thanks for sharing them with me. 🙂

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