What do you wear?

After posting my rain garb picture, I got to thinking about my everyday clothes. The reason I wore the same outfit three days running was because I was only gone a few hours each day so changed clothes after getting home or wore something else before leaving. The outfit really got little wear during those days.

On my usual days at home, or before going out for the day, I have a series of casual knits I like to wear in the winter months. In the summer I have shifts and short sets for around the house.

For days when I run errands, I usually wear slacks, a knit top, and a casual jacket or sweater if it’s chilly. Here’s today’s outfit for that chore:

Here is one of my at-home outfits for the winter months:


Being retired has made me a much more casual dresser. What’s your daily wardrobe look like?

7 responses to “What do you wear?

  1. I wear cord pants, long sleeve cotton tee shirts and flannel shirts in winter. I wear seersucker shirts in the warmer months.

  2. your winter wear looks so cozy comfy…that’s me!

  3. I’m the same: I will wear a shirt when I go out to the gym, and then change into something more comfy when I’m home. I just hang up the shirt for use another day, until I feel it’s time. Very similar to your outfit, but I am a fan of vests, which I wear almost every day, one kind or another. 🙂

  4. Since it is true confessions time, I will admit that when I get home from the gym, I put on a velour sweat suit this time of the year when temps are below 20 degrees in PA. When springtime comes, I will find some lightweight slacks to wear. I like to wear black slacks at home but I vary the tops a lot. I should give away all of my skirts; since I retired, they have sat in the closet. I prefer pants to dresses or skirts. I like your red top and I have a lot of very bright colors in my wardrobe too. It makes me feel cheerful to wear bright colors.

    • I wear a lot of skirts in the late spring, summer, and early fall when our temperatures are in the 90s and 100s. The skirts are much cooler than pants. I’ve also started wearing cropped pants. I look ridiculous in them, but they are cooler than slacks and look better than shorts. I do wear shorts around the house, but never out in public. I used to have such attractive legs, but no longer.

  5. Well… You know how we dress here in Hawaii, but I dressed just like you in Illinois.

  6. I’ve often felt the neighbors feel sorry for me because, I wear the same black leggings and the same black spandex top every single day. Little do they know, it’s not the same but one of six duplicate sets which I dress up or down as need arises. For winter, I just throw a long sleeve tee over the set and a jean jacket.

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