The Lenten Season

Do you observe Lent? The 40 days leading up to Easter? It begins today, Ash Wednesday, for those of you who do. I don’t. I believe Christ gave the greatest sacrifice, His life, on the cross, for my salvation and that my sacrifice does nothing to add to that. However, I do believe this is a season to ponder what God has done and to make room in my life for God to work more through me to help others see His love.

There are many people posting on Facebook this morning about what they will give up for Lent. I would like to suggest that instead of “giving up,” that perhaps one “give a little” for a stranger each day. This is the suggestion I made for Lent:

While out and about, make it your aim to help a stranger. Open doors. Carry packages into the post office. Help load grocery bags into their vehicle. Grab change out of your purse when they are fumbling to find some in theirs. Pay for their drink or meal. Let them go in front of you in the line at the bank or DMV. {Now THAT is sacrifice!!!} Simply do a kind gesture each day for a stranger. Expect no thanks or appreciation, and don’t tell anyone what you did.


5 responses to “The Lenten Season

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  2. Wonderful, and you reminded me of the Lenten Mike boxes we had as children. Dianne

  3. aww! there should be more people like you in the world.

  4. At church this morning the priest mentioned in his homily that we should “give up” something for Lent–that could be “giving up” our time or money, for others. I think that’s what you’re suggesting.

  5. You reminded me of my youth when I observed Lent and gave something up for the 40 days. It’s been a LONG time since I did that. I’ll try to remember to think of others during this time, such a great idea! 🙂

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