Change your purse with change of seasons?

I carried huge handbags when I was teaching, and I rarely changed the bag during the school year. I was too darn busy and the bag worked for me as I could carry my lunch, my grade book, and when I went on fieldtrips, I carried file folders of permission slips. My handbags always had lots of pockets for various and sundry items. Finding replacement bags was hard because of all I required of a purse. One clerk at Macy’s even told me that I was asking an awful lot of a handbag.

Fast forward to my retired life when I carry very little in comparison to those teaching years. Now I change my smaller bags as the seasons change. Today I switched out my winter brown for my bright spring orange. You can see from this photo what came out of the brown bag. Unfortunately, my fabulous wallet will not fit in the orange bag, but the spring bag has great slots and pockets to fit all of the wallet’s items.



7 responses to “Change your purse with change of seasons?

  1. Not me. I keep the same backpack all year long. It was the same in Illinois as well as Hawaii.

  2. I have lately been changing my bags with the seasons so it must be time to go into my lighter coloured bag, thanks for the reminder!

  3. I never chane purses with the seasons, only when my purse gets dirty!

  4. I’m seeing a new wallet in your future!

    • No, Kathy, I’m keeping that wallet for a long time. I’ve had it for many years already, and it took some looking to find just the right one for me. I spent way too much money for that wallet but it’s really great, just too big for that orange purse. Remember, my purses are usually very large so it fits very well in others. And, what makes it really great, I can pull it out and take it along as a purse when all I need is some ID, money, and a place to put my phone and keys.

  5. I use a brown leather bag all winter and change out to brighter, floppier bags for summer. I have too many bags but have never found the perfect one!

  6. I am like Kay, I use a backpack all year long. I’m due for a new one soon as I notice it’s beginning to look a little frayed. 🙂

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