It all started with

…these tiny potatoes in last week’s CSA box.


They looked perfect for a stew, and since I also had leeks, carrots, parsley, and celery, I picked up some stew meat at Whole Foods. In looking through the cupboards, I found about a half cup of elbow macaroni and a can of diced tomatoes. Those went into the stew along with the remainder of a bottle of Merlot.

This was Saturday’s dinner:


Our original plans for Saturday, a drive into the foothills to attend a writing/photography seminar, were jettisoned when we came home Friday night to an ailing elderly cat. We decided it best to stay with him. He rallied on Saturday, even going outside for awhile. We know he is not long for this world and are babying him. It depresses me, though, so it’s nice to have good things to eat. I also made a pan of brownies.


4 responses to “It all started with

  1. Aww, so sorry to hear about your ailing cat. It’s always hard to lose a family friend, furry or not. Your stew looks delicious, other than the meat, that is. 🙂

  2. We love our pets. Sometimes we need to be with them too.

  3. stew looks delicious, love stew. Sorry about your cat.

  4. Your stew looks wonderful, and chocolate always makes everything better.

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