Salvation Army Thrift Store is my shopping venue

A few months ago I started stopping in at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, mainly just to see all the items people were purging from their homes and lives. That in itself is fascinating.

I found a few toys for my grandchildren. Then I found some drinking glasses identical to the ones we had when first married 39 years ago. I was able to get two new sets.

Then the weather turned cold and I was on the lookout for coats for kids at the elementary school where I volunteer one afternoon a week. That’s when l learned about discount days for kids’ clothing–75% off.

Lately I’ve been searching for summer clothes for my grandkids who will be spending at least one week with us this summer when the temperatures will soar to over 100. They don’t have a lot of lightweight clothing as it’s much cooler, year-round, on the coast than here.

Last week I got a dress and pants for Leeya as well as 2 shirts and 2 pants for Judah for $4. This week I got a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, 3 shorts and pjs for Judah and a pair of pants for Leeya for $3.

Here areLeeya’s things:


These are for Judah:


Some of these appear to have never been worn. The red swim trunks have a small 3-corner tear, but they will be fine for playing in the sprinklers.


4 responses to “Salvation Army Thrift Store is my shopping venue

  1. I have gotten in the habit of going to Value Village, which is similar. I almost always find something, and it’s fun to shop when I don’t have to spend a fortune. Nice purchases! 🙂

  2. fun shopping! sort of like the dollar store or the garage sales. the only danger is picking up too much stuff and building clutter!

  3. The nice thing about shopping the thrift stores is if you change your mind you can just donate it right back since the prices are so darn cheap! Good haul, DK. I noticed on my recent trip to Mexico that several of the tops I brought with me were from Savers. Love it!

  4. Before my stroke my husband and I would include a visit to a higher end women’s resale shop in a wonderful little waterfront town on day trips. Some of my favorite tops and a leather jacket were among my purchases.

    The past few times we have visited the quality and selection had decreased and the price increased. I miss the assurance that, at least occasionally, the treasure hunt is successful. Maybe we need to try some different thrift stores.

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