Middle of the week chores

Although Terry and I had made plans to go out to the Air Guard base this morning, our plans got changed. That seems to be a theme around here, doesn’t it? I’m getting better at being flexible now that I’m retired.

We have an appointment on Friday for me to get my military ID. Have I ever mentioned that Terry is retired military, having spent 21 years in the Army and Air National Guards? Turns out, he not only gets a pension, but health insurance, too, of which I can partake.

Since that trip was put off, I did six loads of laundry, mixed up a batch of raisin oatmeal rolls, and cleaned the glass top tables and mirrors around here.

The rolls came from a recipe I found on Pinterest and turned out pretty good.


They aren’t anything fancy and have a sort of rough look to them. Just as I took the pan out of the oven, Terry came in from trimming the hedges, so we sat down and had an afternoon snack, something very rare for us.


It was a nice break from the chores.

And should you wish to make your own pan of oatmeal raisin rolls, here’s the recipe.


3 responses to “Middle of the week chores

  1. The rolls look “relish”. Thank you for the recipe. Also, appreciate your visiting my blog and commenting.

  2. those rolls looks so good!

  3. Thanks for trying my recipe & linking back!

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