You have to take the old roof off first

The roofers have arrived this morning, a very windy Monday morning. Our 40-year old wood shake roof is being replaced with a new composition roof. But, first, they must tear off all those wood shakes. It is a very noisy procedure, one that sounds and feels as if the house is being torn apart, which, I guess, is an accurate description.

A couple of the cats who are in the house have run and hid behind beds. The two males, cats, though, are sleeping through all the noise. I am dressed and ready to run errands this morning. Terry may stay around for awhile and listen to the banging and thumping. I figure that it will again be noisy when they start nailing down those new shingles in the next day or so. I’ll plan a day away for that procedure.



4 responses to “You have to take the old roof off first

  1. We had our roof replaced a few years ago due to hail damage. Even though we have a two story house (so we weren’t right below the workers) it was still a very noisy job

    • It’s also a very dirty job. The dirt is filtering into the house. It will be really bad in the garage as it only has an attic in the back half. I’ve covered my washing machine and dryer out there.

  2. It will be like having a new house!

  3. We had the roof of our apartment building replaced two summers ago. It was horrendous! It sounded like they would be breaking through, and in one apartment, they did! Awful racket and very messy. But necessary. 🙂

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