My OCD is having issues

Terry and I have never done any remodeling and now I know why. This reroofing project has my OCD on high alert. I cannot imagine what tearing apart the inside of my house would do to me.

I like things to be neat and tidy and clean. No one told me that taking off an old roof could cause so much dirt and commotion, but I guess I should have known that. I had watched the neighbor’s roof being redone about two years ago so I knew it was noisy. Pulling out those nails and wood shakes must be quite a job as our whole house shook while four strong fellows worked up there.

After all the pictures on one shelf of the wall unit in the living room fell, I decided to take down anything that was hanging on the outside walls. So all of those pictures and items are piled up on furniture.  As the roofers worked above the dining area, my chandelier kept  rattling. Terry took the bulbs and globes off and we have them stored in boxes on a table in the living room.

The dirt is overwhelming, not so much inside the house but everywhere outside. Fortunately, I have the patio table and chairs already covered and had moved the bench out onto the greenhouse pad, but I didn’t remove the porch furniture. At the end of yesterday it was covered with dirt, wood, grime, and sundry roof trash.   I can feel a fine patina of dust in the house but see no point in trying to clean until the job is done, which will probably be on Friday.

I am starting some seeds for a summer garden and have the peat pots on a rolling cart so as to move them around during day. I figured the cart should be fine where I had placed it, but found that the workers had tossed a piece of tarp from the roof and it had fallen against the tiny seedlings, bending them over.

Having pulled off the shingles, our garage is now open to the sky as there is no attic there. The garage floor is covered in dirt and debris. I got smart before they got to the front of the house, where the garage is located, and had covered my washer and dryer which is in the garage. We had already moved our cars out in the early morning, before the workers arrived, as we knew they would put a dumpster in the driveway for all of the old roofing material.

Speaking of cars…ours live in the garage, but spent last night on the street due to the dumpster. And, just like when we had the house painted, each morning I move them a half block, to a side street, so that the workers have room to park. This morning, right after I got the cars moved, a semi  truck pulled up out front with the plywood that will go on today. Let the hammering begin.


3 responses to “My OCD is having issues

  1. Be strong, this time will pass!

  2. A couple of years ago, my neighbor replaced his roof. With shingles flying all over my yard, I went outside and yelled at the roofers to take care, and stop throwing debris in my yard. I must look fierce when angry, because they compiled!

  3. I know just how awful it is, and I’m glad it will be over on Friday. I feel almost like I’m there with you, your description is so vivid.

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