The inspector cometh

It is quiet here today. The only person on the roof was the city inspector, checking on certain safety points, making sure the work is being done as required by the permit the city has issued.

We had been told that we would be required to have a carbon monoxide alarm (check) and smoke alarms in each bedroom (purchased but not installed) as well as the smoke alarm that came with the house (check). The city inspector didn’t ring the doorbell to check those items so I’m assuming there will be another inspection before the job is finalized.

This is the dumpster we have sitting in our driveway:


Attractive addition to the neighborhood. I’m sure my neighbors will be just as happy as me when this project is done.


3 responses to “The inspector cometh

  1. Yes, we had one of those bins as well. As they threw the pieces of old roofing into it, there was always a cloud of dust and debris. I was so glad to see the last of it, as I’m sure you will, too. 🙂

    • It was quiet here yesterday, even my neighbor mentioned how nice that was as her daughter is visiting from back east and they could sit out on the patio and enjoy the day. Although we all know the dumpster is of short duration, it is such an ugly sight. The same neighbor, who happens to live next door and whose living room window looks out on this dumpster, made the comment that the roofing company sure found an ugly one to bring for this job. True.

  2. soon it will be a memory!

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