Out like a lion

It’s Monday afternoon, the last day of March, and the month is looking to end a lot differently than it arrived. We have had rain, off and on, the past few days. The temperatures have dropped. The wind has really kicked up, causing my allergies to run amuck. I spent awhile, each of the weekend days, between raindrops, working in the backyard. Everything has started to grow, and pruning has been necessary, along with basic clean up. With every rain storm comes a mass of leaves and dirt up on the patio.

I bought some ground cover that I will again attempt to grow in the backyard. These twelve plants came from Orchard Supply Hardware where I had gone to buy some potting soil for a project I have started involving growing plants from seeds. The ground cover plants, though, looked promising until I thought about all the other plants I have put into the backyard the last few years only to have the snails eat them or to have the plants die. Then I noticed the fine print on the price tag–all plants come with a money-back guarantee. I asked the clerk about this, and she assured me that it is true but I must bring back the receipt (seems a given), the pots in which the plants came (I can handle this), and the dead plants (that one seems a bit weird).IMG_6123

I took pictures of the first plants that I put in the ground as additional evidence. The ground cover I bought last year literally dissolved into the ground.




5 responses to “Out like a lion

  1. I do hope it will be a better year for you putting in a ground cover. That does seem weird, the way it just “dissolved.” We are having fabulous 60-degree sunshine here, after having March come in like a lion. 🙂

  2. Good luck with your ground cover. I bet the store counts on most customers not bothering to come back to take advantage of the guarantee.

  3. Hmm, this calls for some research into what is suitable for your area.

  4. My problem lately hasn’t been slugs, its been rain. Should it continue can the slugs be far behind?

  5. I wish you the best. I struggle with heat and our current drought. I keep trying, though. Just bought a bunch of perennials today. I’ll be getting my hands dirty tomorrow.

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