Keeping the kitchen busy

There was a bit of cooking and baking frenzy going on around here today. Although the sun came out, it is cool and windy, not the kind of day I like to work outdoors. Better to stay indoors and cook.

After grocery shopping this morning, I made BLTs for lunch. Got everything cleaned up, and because I have a supply of lemons, made these lemon bars. Trust me, mine looking nothing like these in the picture. False advertising!

Cleaned up that mess and then shelled peas that came in the CSA box yesterday. Lots of work for a few peas. Each pod had three to four peas. There were enough, though, to make a pea salad for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, I had some Italian sausage left over from the weekend that really needed to be used. Half a box of rigatoni, along with a half a jar of marinara sauce, some basil leaves, and a roll of fresh mozzarella added to that sausage, and we’ll have dinner soon. The casserole is baking in the oven as I type this.

After I got the rigatoni in the oven, I stopped. The kitchen counter and sink is piled with pans and utensils. Terry can clean it all up after dinner. I’m pretty sure there isn’t enough room in the dishwasher for all of it, but I’m done for the day. That’s the most cooking I’ve done in quite awhile. Tomorrow: enchiladas.

6 responses to “Keeping the kitchen busy

  1. Hahahaha! I know what that kitchen must look like. My husband always says it’s a good thing my food is good because the kitchen always looks like a tornado swept through. I cook so he does dishes.

  2. Your cooking sounds very impressive! Glad to know you’ve got a helper in the kitchen. It made me smile to read this post. 🙂

  3. wow everything sounds delicious!

  4. You are a busy beaver. Before I looked at the photo of the lemon bars, I thought they were soap. The mention of the bars is preceded by a sentence about cleaning, so I thought you used a special soap to clean!

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