Spring time weekend activity

The weekends are getting busy around here now that spring has arrived. We’ve been so busy going and doing that I’ve neglected writing about all the activity.

Last weekend we headed out to the Clovis Botanical Garden open house. The last one I had attended had been in the fall where I had bought a plant for the backyard that was supposed to do well under trees. I never found out how well it would do because the snails devoured it almost as soon as I put it in the ground. This year I said no plant purchases. Instead we looked at an exhibit of birds of prey,  wandered through the gardens taking photos clovis Botanicaland enjoying the variety of plants.

Clovis botanical 2







The birds of prey had been rescued from various places. This fellow owl1had the most interesting story. He and two siblings had been smuggled into the country as eggs, dyed to look like Easter eggs. The smuggler then hatched the eggs and raised the baby birds only to be discovered by a bird sanctuary where the smuggler worked. The birds were rescued with this one (who was very vocal with his “who”s) coming to the San Joaquin Valley, one going to Half Moon Bay, and one going to San Francisco.

All of the birds are somehow damaged, either physically or emotionally, and unable to be returned to the wild. These birds actually put on shows during the year, helping to raise funds for their upkeep.Owl 2


3 responses to “Spring time weekend activity

  1. Interesting about the smuggling, the things people will do.

  2. Wow! They are beautiful birds, but I’m sad that they cannot be returned to the wild. I hope they are happy. Thanks for sharing this information and I sure hope those smugglers spent some time in jail for their crimes.

  3. What gorgeous fellows!!!

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