It’s getting a little crafty in here

Lately I have been complaining that I don’t have a “field trip” buddy. Someone, who at the drop of the hat, can take off for a day trip to some place local. Just a fun day out, have lunch, see some sights. Terry and I do this occasionally and it’s fun, but I want to do it with girlfriends, too. We can talk, gossip, catch up, and just have an all-round good time. My long-time friend who I could always count on to do this died a couple of years ago. The Ladies Who Lunch outing sort of fills this desire, but that’s once a month, for a couple of hours, sitting at a restaurant. I want to GO somewhere. The problem with my girlfriends is that they are busy taking care of sick husbands, babysitting their grandchildren, going to doctor’s appointments, or traveling. When I would suggest something, it seemed that everyone had something else they needed to do, all week long.

Recently, I have reconnected with a friend from that large inner-city high school where we both toiled for a few decades. She retired many years before I did, though, and we lost track of each other. Thank goodness for Facebook. Jeri doesn’t have a husband, children, or doctor’s appointments. She’s almost always available for a day trip so this week we took off for a trip up into the hills. We stopped for lunch at a small outpost, overlooking a lake. The lake is very low due to the drought:

bass lake

On our way back, we stopped at a scrapbooking store I had been hearing about. It’s up in the hills, and isn’t a place you just run over to when you want to stock up on papers. Although tucked back behind the major intersection in the town, we found a shop chocked full of crafting supplies along with a delightful proprietor who was quite happy to demonstrate some of the tools. One of my main reasons for wanting to stop here was to see about small boxes in which to put the salted caramels I make. Sure enough, this store carried a tool for making boxes:


Jeri discovered another tool that could also cut out forms for boxes and she decided to buy it as I passed it by as too expensive:



Jeri insisted that I take her purchase as well as mine and learn how to use them, practice, and then I could teach her and the other gals in our Ladies Who Lunch group. So, for the past couple of days, I’ve been watching YouTube videos and practicing making a few things:


The Chinese take-away boxes are made with the die cutter, the squared boxes are made with the envelope punch board. We also bought a die cut for a bag that could be turned into a bunny. The bunny took another set of die cuts, and each piece had to be run through twice to have enough for a bunny. So far, I have made three bunnies:bunnies


14 responses to “It’s getting a little crafty in here

  1. Oh, these are really great! I wish you could make a few for my MayDay baskets to put on doorknobs. I have to buy those small gift packages instead. You will sure have fun with this project! 🙂

  2. Looks like fun! I have been having the same girlfriend problems, with some added drama. I think I’ll just back into my craft room and play now. 🐻

  3. CUTE! I see lots of box-making in your future…..

  4. Bass Lake???

  5. Ah your neighborhood is just lovely! And the boxes look so much fun. 😀

  6. I wish you weren’t so far away. I’d love to do lunch.

  7. Cute! I’ve been scrapbooking some the last few months but I LOVE the boxes, especially the bunnies. Amazing.

  8. P.S. I’d love to do a Girls’ Day Out if we didn’t live on opposite coasts.

  9. These are so cute. I’m glad you have a fun new hobby and a friend to go exploring with.

  10. Ahhh clearly I missed this entry! Looks like a nifty paper cutter :-). I wish I had someone for drop-of-the-hat field trips too. Glad you have reconnected with your friend!

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