Fences make good neighbors

Kathy’s post has a question about a broken board from her neighbor’s fence which makes me realize different places have different fence and yard rules.

In Fresno, where most homes sit on small suburban lots, the fences surround the backyards, and are shared by the neighbors. In our case, we share fences with three neighbors, and each fence looks a bit different and were rebuilt at different times. Each fence redo had to be negotiated with said neighbor as to how to share the material costs and/or labor.

Our southern neighbor is a rental property and the management company did the work and charged us for half the cost of materials. The neighbor’s cat tore the boards loose so as to get into our yard. The neighbor added an extra fence on her side to keep the cat in its own yard.


The western fence is the newest. We shared the cost of labor and materials with the homeowner, but he selected the materials.


The northern neighbor worked for Orchard Supply Hardware and has kept the fence in good repair.


These neighbors recently moved and rented the house, using a local management company who seems to be on top of upkeep and maintenance. Hopefully they will continue to maintain the fence. I feel fortunate that we have good fence neighbors surrounding our small plot of ground.


2 responses to “Fences make good neighbors

  1. Thanks for the visuals. The fence I mentioned in my post was already installed when we moved in. That house has turned over two times since the original owners; neither have asked us anything about it.

  2. Now that IS good neighbor behavior. It sounds like you all have it worked out. 🙂

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