My undoing via Whole Foods


Does your Whole Foods make their own tortilla chips? These are my undoing. The store uses unsold spinach, tomato, whole wheat, and flour tortillas to make these, frying them in small batches. Fortunately, they are NOT a regular item.

When I happen to find them (and trust me, I check every time I go), I buy at least two bags. It is sinful.

They will have them in stock on a more regular basis as we close in on Cinco de Mayo, which is a really big deal holiday here in California.


7 responses to “My undoing via Whole Foods

  1. Oh, they do sound sinful! I’m glad I don’t have a Whole Foods nearby or I’d be checking them out! 🙂

  2. I will have to check on those chips. I wonder how many WW points they count?

  3. Yes, our WF sells tortilla chips, and they’re usually sampling them somewhere in the store. They ARE sinfully good! Fortunately, I can take one and walk away without buying a bag

    • Our store makes the chips with corn tortillas on a regular basis. I’m not too thrilled with those. These are flour tortillas and fortunately aren’t made on a regular basis.

  4. I have the most delicious salsa to go with that!

    • I have always made my own salsa, and really good salsa, but this time I bought a pre made container of salsa–Casa Sanchez organic medium salsa. It is so good, and so similar to my own, that I may never make salsa again.

  5. I love those things too! They are, as you said, sinful. I don’t know if they make their own or not.

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