Patio decor, or lack thereof

Gigihawaii is seeking advice about decorating her patio. I am definitely not the one to give advice in that area. As you can see, our patio is pretty plain:


I look at gardening magazines and Pinterest boards with envy of all the beautiful outdoor spaces that people have been able to build. I think about what I could put in this very large space we have off of the family room, but every time I come close to adding something, I pull back, remembering that anything I put there will have to come off when I clean the patio. The patio seems to be a dirt magnet, and during the summer months I am constantly cleaning out there.

chairsUsually I take everything off of the patio floor, moving it out to another large cement slab we have in the yard that we call the greenhouse because that’s what the original owner had planned for it. You can see the chair skeletons lined up out here for their cleaning. Then I sweep the patio floor and hose it off. With our water shortage this summer, that second step may have to be eliminated unless we’re going to have guests. Terry and I can live with a layer of dirt.

So, the more stuff I put ON the patio, the more I will have to take OFF to clean it. In addition to that wrought iron table and chair set, there is also a chaise lounge that the cats use for their bed and a small cart I got for my gardening pursuits. Both fairly easy to move.

Before our hiatus in San Francisco, I had another wrought iron table with two chairs as well as a large barbecue grill that sat on the patio. I gave both items away in our downsizing effort. I keep two large wicker chairs and an ottoman in storage that only come out in the summer months and usually stay out on the greenhouse pad. It’s a lovely place to sit on summer days, under the shade of the pear tree.

I’m sticking with my minimalist backyard decor for now.


10 responses to “Patio decor, or lack thereof

  1. Sigh…
    At least you both have patios. I’d love to have one but we don’t even have a yard worth mentioning. Sigh….

    • Like San Francisco, I’m sure the land in Hawaii is very expensive. Land is cheap in Fresno so we have large lots. Not so much our development. Our lot is 6000 sq ft with a 1500 sq foot house on it. We could get millions of $$ for it SF, not so much here in Fresno.

  2. I still like the look of potted plants in the patio, though.

  3. Last year I planted a bunch of geraniums in giant clay pots, and this year they are already blooming. I love their deep red flowers!

    • You inspired me to buy a red geranium while at the grocery store this morning. However, I put it on the front porch, near our red door.

      • Nice! The thing I love about them is they are easy. They just need water every few days and they bloom like crazy. And they keep coming back, every year. I especially love that!

  4. I really like your minimalist look. It’s a place I’d love to sit and enjoy. With a cuppa and some company, that is. 🙂

  5. For years, all I had was a front porch stoop to sit on during summer evenings. Now I have a screened patio area with a chaise longue, a couple of chairs and tables and potted hanging plants and wind chimes everywhere . Bags of potting soil are stored under the chaise, and my watering can sits on a rustic table next to the door. An antique plant stand holding some of my garden tools and a broom for sweeping walkways are stuffed into a corner. Oh and a basket of pine cones from Yosemite is stashed behind the chaise. One of the tables holds plants I over wintered inside. My artist friend who has much more ‘stuff’ than me calls it the ” shabby chic” look. I think what you put outside is up to you. I gave up trying to look like something out of Better Homes and Gardens years ago.

    • I have four sets of wind chimes in the backyard, hanging from the pear tree. Love the sound.Perhaps a screened porch stays cleaner than an open one?

  6. Classic dilemma….! :))

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