How I spent my Tuesday afternoon

It’s in the 80s here this week, with 90s forecast for Thursday. After working in the backyard this morning, I decided to enjoy the fruits of my labor this afternoon while reading my book.



12 responses to “How I spent my Tuesday afternoon

  1. It looks so peaceful

  2. PLEASE send some of your sunshine our way. Raining nonstop here.

    • We had a huge rainstorm here last Friday/Saturday that then blew on across the United States, causing all those horrible tornadoes. We got about 3/4 of an inch (which is quite a lot for us in one storm) but still not enough to end the drought. We should have about 10 inches of precipitation by now; we have 4.7 inches.

  3. Your picture reminds me that my current toenail situation is rather unsuitable for viewing. A pedicure is in my future! Love your pretty feet! 🙂

  4. aah…the good life!

  5. I’ll try not to be jealous. Good for you.

  6. And look at those beautifully pedicured toes! Good day for sunning them!

  7. Linda@arichtapestry

    You’ve found a good, shady spot in your yard to relax in after your morning’s work.

  8. Your toes look very pretty. I hope it was cooler than 90. I really don’t like hot weather.

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