Wearing bright colors

When we lived in San Francisco right after I retired, I took only dark clothing to hang in the one closet in the 525 square foot studio. Mostly pants, with two straight skirts, one navy, one black. Even in the summer, San Francisco is chilly so no lightweight full skirts that would provide that Marilyn Monroe effect as I made my way up Market Street or purchased produce at the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building.
All my bright colors were left in Fresno, to be worn on my occasional trips home.

Now that we are permanently back in Fresno, I’m glad I didn’t give away those clothes as the weather here, along with the more relaxed lifestyle, makes them perfect. Especially now that spring has arrived. I was so tired of wearing pants, that I made sure to wear a skirt for our beautiful warm Easter Sunday. And then the weather turned cold, windy, and wet so that by the next Sunday I was reverting back to pants. But not the dark colors.


The forecast calls for 90 degree days this week, and I have numerous events to attend so I am planning to make good use of my bright colored skirts. I am so tired of pants. And dark colors.

6 responses to “Wearing bright colors

  1. I am wearing brighter colors too, now that I can get back into some of my older clothes.

  2. Sounds like you’re having the same roller coaster weather we are. I’ve swapped a couple of things out in the closet, but I need to get in there and do more; I’m tired of dark colors, too!

  3. I put on pink today, it seems just right! I agree, bright colors are much better at this time of year, when the trees are exploding with color! 🙂

  4. This is a bright look! I love the pink jacket and matching shoes. I’m returning to skirts now too. Skirts and shorter pants. It’s so hot, there’s no other choice!

  5. I love bright colors and you look great! Yae!

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