Networking or not

Terry offers his photography skills to a local organization that provides assistance to various companies and startups. They host a variety of networking events including a monthly breakfast at a nearby Mexican restaurant. The food is good, the comraderie excellent, and the guest speakers informative. Yesterday was such an event, and although early, I like to go for those previously mentioned qualities but also because my brain is sharper in the morning. I am more of my extroverted self at that time.

Terry had attended a mixer last week where he met this young lady who also has bright red hair and told her that his wife would love to meet her because we have red hair in common. There she was at the breakfast! We had a great time chatting.









To end the day, Terry and I attended a Yelp event, the first one in Fresno. I have been requesting this type of event from Yelp for the seven years I’ve been an Elite. These parties are quite popular in larger cities, but Fresno has been ignored. They finally came and I went.


I came away very disappointed. The place they chose was very small so extremely crowded. Everywhere I stood was in someone’s way. I talked with a couple of people but no one was eager to chat. I have a method when networking: approach, introduce myself, ask a question or make a comment. This usually elicits a reply of some sort and a conversation ensues. Didn’t happen last night. The people I approached didn’t seem to have answers or comments to keep the conversation flowing. Bleh. Because it was late in the day, I didn’t have the energy or mental stamina to keep trying to get these people to open up. It was more like work than fun.


10 responses to “Networking or not

  1. Wow, that doesn’t sound like fun at all. It’s too bad that after looking forward to it for so long the result was less than great. I like your approach to networking. I’m going to keep it in mind!

    • I would like to blame the age of the attendees, but I know that is not the reason as I have chatted with young people at other events. Younger people can be just as chatty as older people.

      • I agree. I try not to let age be a determining factor in what I do or don’t do, also in how I regard people. It is so limiting, and at my age, if I limit myself then others will assume I need to do so, and will accept it, making it easier to impose even greater limits on my actions!

  2. Gracious! That is what I call REALLY red hair! What a shame that the people were so unfriendly. Sheesh!

  3. Wow! This is a information changing update !! I’m so excited!!
    Thanks very much, Luke !

  4. I thought YOUR hair was red, but I’ve changed my mind. Sorry to hear that your event didn’t pan out. That happens sometimes.

  5. Your experience of requesting a Yelp get together and being faced with non communicators reminds me of that saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” LOL. Love the vibrant red in that woman’s hair. Wish I could carry it off.

  6. I would never attend a party sponsored by social media. It takes all the energy I have to keep up with blogger friends. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    • One thing I have learned about people who post online. they are much more likely to be extroverts online and introvert in person. It is annoying b/c you go, expecting the person to be the same as you know online, and then you find they are reticent to engage in face to face conversation.

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