The merry month of May begins

May has started out just fine and dandy, and the whole month looks to be that way. Although warm here, in the 90s, we are promised a cool-down later next week. I certainly don’t mind the warm temperatures, and the sunny days make me feel great. The month will be so busy I may not have much time to enjoy my patio and backyard, of which you’ve heard so much lately, so I am sitting out here to write this post.

The school tours at Kearney Mansion started yesterday. I did three, back-to-back, for a great group of third graders from River View Elementary. The school is named River View, but there is NO view of the river from their classrooms. I really enjoy the tours, but when doing three, each one runs 45 minutes so I am speeding right along, not able to tell all of the stories. I finish in the dining room and send the group out the back door to their next station. Then I run through the house, gulp a drink of water to wet my whistle, and open the front door to let the next group into the foyer. They are always so excited to come in and see the house. I am always tired by noon when I bid the last group goodbye.

One of yesterday’s groups had a parent chaperone whom I had met this previous year at the inner city elementary school where I have been doing an after-school program on Tuesdays. He is a teacher there so I was surprised when he greeted me on the steps of the mansion with this school from a totally different district within our city. He had taken the day off from his teaching to go along with his son on the field trip. He was an excellent chaperone since he knows third graders so well. He was just as surprised to see ME as the tour guide.

“You certainly get around, don’t you,” he joked as we greeted one another. “The Good News Club and now this.”

“Yes, I’m very fortunate to be able to do all of these things that I really love, now that I’m retired.” He had not known that I had spent 21 years at the high school level. Speaking of which, I saw my old principal at a luncheon a few weeks ago. He too was surprised to hear of all my recent experiences working with elementary, and even younger, children.

“So, Delaine, how have you managed the transition from teenagers to little kids?”

I told him that it was startling to me how well it has all gone because I really love working with teenagers, but it’s as if God picked me up and moved me 180 degrees, and I’ve had a good time. I’m also really good with smaller students when it’s for such a short amount of time. I am pretty sure I could not teach elementary age children all day long.

I will be spending the next few days at the beach with my tiny grandchildren while their parents attend a conference. It’s a good way to start the month, don’t you think?


8 responses to “The merry month of May begins

  1. That is simply awesome! I admire anyone who can do what you do.

  2. I KNOW you’d be an excellent teacher for the younger grades as well. I’ve seen how wonderful you are with your grandkids and the Sunday School kids.

    • Thanks, Kay. For short, brief spurts, I do okay. Seven hours a day, 5 days a week? I don’t know if I could make it. Elementary teachers amaze me with their creativity and energy.

  3. Yes, I certainly do think it’s a great start to May. You are a very talented person, Delaine. 🙂

  4. Once upon a time,I led tours through Gunston Hall, home of the Patriot, George Mason. Folks loved the children’s museum, especially the school kids. Good for you busy with this worthwhile effort!

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