Beach time

While their parents attended a conference in Cambria, the grandchildren stayed with us at our beach rental in Cayucos. We love to stay at Pier View Suites because of the nice apartment we have that is so close to the beach.

Terry and I arrived Sunday afternoon to find the main street blocked off for an antiques fair. Since the cleaning crew was still getting the apartment ready, we walked around, looking at all the junk, I mean antiques.

I had brought my old manual typewriter to give to my new friend who owns a shop, HappyGoSmile, right below our apartment, that has so many cute things. Her daughter collects old typewriters and uses them in her artwork. I wanted it to go to someone I knew who would get some use from it.

In checking some of the antique dealers’ wares, I found a Tonka truck for my tiny grandson. He loved it and made good use of it when we built a sandcastle at the beach.


When the conference ended, we drove the grandchildren to Cambria and enjoyed the gardens surrounding the lodge where it was held. One was a hummingbird garden:


Our big kids enjoyed and learned a lot at the conference and our grandchildren had fun playing with grandma and grampa. It was the best of times for everyone.


8 responses to “Beach time

  1. That’s lovely. I always look forward to spending time with my grandkids, too.

  2. It does indeed look like a lovely time. I love your pictures. 🙂

    • Thank you, DJan. I am at a point with this blog where I have used almost all of my free upload. I am contemplating what to do next.

  3. Lovely post. My sons loved their Tonka trucks. Hadn’t thought about them in years. Nice memories.

  4. Everybody has a beach photo! I’m so envious! 🙂 Kiddin’ This is lovely. 🙂

  5. Tonka trucks. Between my 3 brothers and 3 sons, I am well familiar with those. Enjoyed going to the beach with you.

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