And now a word from my car

I just read a post over on Perpetually in Transit about their little camper RV that had been neglected over the years and now needs some major underbody work. They had forgotten about all the salt on the roads that could cause deterioration.

We don’t have salt on our roads in California, so that’s not quite the concern for us that it is for those who reside in snowy climates. However, when we spend time on the coast, I can see the salt spray on my little Subaru when we return to the harsh glare of the valley sun.

Such was the case this past week. Terry reminded me, as I headed out to the car wash, to have them wash the underbody, too. Salt can do really bad things to cars. What we see on the car body is also on the underside. Fortunately, we have a really great car wash in town that does all sorts of extra things to keep my car looking very shiny. Top-side and underneath.

For all of you who have lived through a long winter with more snow than you thought possible, listen to my Subaru’s advice–take your vehicles to a car wash and get that salt rinsed off.


5 responses to “And now a word from my car

  1. I should have met you before, Delaine, and then perhaps the very small campervan wouldn’t be in the state it is now. 🙂

  2. Good advice, as plenty of our blogging friends have just endured a pretty awful winter! 🙂

  3. You reminded me I need to have my car washed this week. After all the snow we had, and now the pollen, it needs a bath.

  4. Good advice. This winter has been horrendous. For us, it continues. At least we don’t have snow on the roads.

  5. David washes our cars once a week!

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