I am not a killer

Terry and I have been married for almost 40 years and in those years, Terry has been my knight in shining armor. He rescues me from the frailties  of daily living like car breakdowns, and dishwashing, and window washing, and bug killing. He takes care of the injured and dying pets. He is the expert freeway and mountain road driver. My life would be much harder without him.

When we returned from our trip to visit the grandchildren, we found the cats had killed a bird and left it on the patio. I called for Terry and he got the shovel and carted it off. Then a large beetle scuttled across the family room floor, causing me to shriek, and again Terry came to my rescue with a paper towel scooping up the dastardly bug.

Occasionally, though, I must fend for myself. While turning off the water faucet in the backyard, a very large black spider crawled down the wall towards me. There was no time to get Terry to make short work of this ghastly looking creature. I would have to do it myself. A large unused sprinkler lay next to the water faucet so I picked it up and bashed away at the spider, fiercely yelling with each hit. Finally, the spider was dead, smashed into the dirt. I went inside, found Terry, and proclaimed my victory over what I believed to be a black widow spider. The more I described it, though, the more we thought it might be some other kind of spider, perhaps even a good spider that was eating a large variety of bugs which have overtaken our backyard and house this year. I just hate killing any living creature.

3 responses to “I am not a killer

  1. I was like you for many years, but after giving birth to three boys I realized I’d have to make peace with bugs and crawly things. Now I’m much better. I probably would have walked out of the room and let the spider be

  2. Spiders are usually frightening to most people because they crawl around and on us without our permission. But actually, they are very smart creatures. Sorry about your loss. 🙂 (not really)

  3. I’m OK with bugs and most crawly things, but spiders for some reason really scare me. You are very brave! I would have been screaming for Art.

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