A new phone has disrupted my life

I love my iPhone, the first and second. Yesterday I bought my third, a bit earlier than I had planned, but Terry was in need of my old phone sooner than expected. He had taken my first iPhone and used it the last 2 years as a Go-Phone. Unfortunately, he dropped it in a storm drain last week. Right after putting $100 on the SIM card.

After picking up my new phone at the Apple store, we took the old phone to AT&T where the clerk put in a new SIM card after taking out my old one. This was at no cost to Terry and all of his information, as well as the $100, transferred over to the phone.

Apple had previously changed over my phone. Well, somewhat. I had forgotten how all the apps have to be updated because of the new operating system. It’s taken me awhile to get the apps straight. Everything seems to be okay except for my Flickr account. Somehow, even the link on my laptop isn’t working right and the program seems to think I am a new member who just signed up, not a member with thousands of photos, dozens of followers, and many photographers whom I follow.

My iPhone 5 is very nice, and Terry is pleased with my used phone as he could no longer update his apps because that old 3s had no ability to update the iOS. He’s also pleased with a better battery that holds its charge longer than that old phone that currently sits at the bottom of that storm drain.


7 responses to “A new phone has disrupted my life

  1. That’s nice. I have a 4S and am looking forward to getting a 5S this fall when I can upgrade. Maybe the 6 will be out by then, meaning the 5S will be cheaper. 🙂

  2. I got an iPhone five a couple of years ago, as my new son, Alex needed a phone, and the 5 was new, so I got that and turned my 4 into a Go-Phone for him. It has all worked out really well!

    • I’m still working out the kinks. Just had to again enter my twitter password to get my instagram photos to post there. I’m not real happy with the light, thin font on the new phone. It will take some getting use to.

  3. The thing that was hard for me to adjust to was the big update that changed the look of all the apps. I like it now, but didn’t at first. I also went and got a different calendar. It’s a smart one and it syncs with emails and adds a map to wherever I’m going. It was free and is called Tempo. I hope you get the kinks worked out soon!

  4. I was almost laughing when I read this. I dropped my old phone in the toilet and my daughter told me to put it in the refrigerator over night. That’s what the girls do, she suggested. I could not bring myself to do that, so I bought a new iPhone. Now, I am trying to determine how to remove unwanted Apps. I went App mad when I first got it.

    • You should be able to hold the button on your phone until all of the little squares are jiggling. At that time you will see an X on the apps that can be removed. Just click the ones you no longer want. My granddaughter has done this to my apps before. I can get the ones I want back again, through iTunes. And if you paid for the app, you can get it back w/o having to pay again.

  5. I think I have the 4S too which seems to be working fine. Terry actually dropped it in the storm drain? Wow! I can’t do without my iPhone anymore. It’s become so much of my daily living.

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