Backyard writing



This is where I am spending my afternoon. The feel of pen on blank pages makes me happy. And I have my iPhone with which to take photos and tell stories. Definitely a good day.


9 responses to “Backyard writing

  1. Delightful! I love the shady place you have to work in. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Looks like a great place to draw inspiration. I wish you much luck on your writing.

  3. What a lovely arrangement. I am so disgusted with my backyard, I am ready to cover it with some type of hard surface.

    • We have so much shade (see the second photo) that nothing grows under the trees. I once had some lovely grass out there, but it’s all gone and the dirt is so lousy, nothing seems to grow. I have spent a fortune in planting ground cover only to have it die. Terry and I are talking about putting down pavers and just forgetting anything growing on the ground.

  4. Lovely. Happy writing!

  5. A lovely shady place to sit, think and write. Enjoy your writing!

  6. We have no quiet corner like that, and I appreciate seeing yours. Just a lovely moment.

    • Thank you. I really do appreciate the backyard even though I grumble about it at times. I just wish I could do more with ground covers, but it really is a lovely spot to sit and think.

  7. I would love a cool shady place to spend time writing and working.

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