Clothes for cooking

A few of you wondered about the white shirt I previously posted when I told you about the jam making. There really is a reason for the very large white shirt.

I have two of these all-cotton, short-sleeved men’s shirts. There was a third one, but I literally wore it to shreds. The one I’m wearing in the photo is beginning to fray at the collar and there is a three-corner tear on the shirttail, but the only place these shirts are worn is at home, and usually when I am doing some major cooking with no one to see, so I’m not too concerned. I believe that photo is the only one in existence that shows the outfit.

Perhaps it seems strange to wear a white shirt for cooking, but I see it like the chefs who wear their white coats. I can see the splashes and spatters. I like these shirts for frying or cooking with oil as the grease stains don’t show like they do on dark colors.  I know when to change the shirt for a clean one. That’s the reason I have two. There is always a backup.

The shirts are really big. They are mens’s size extra large. I can actually put them on over another shirt if I want to, and in the winter I sometimes do that. For summer cooking, though, they are very cool and comfortable for working over a hot stove.

The jeans I am wearing are very old, and there are rips in the backside, around the buttons on pocket plackets. They are soft and comfortable, also over-sized, and I no longer wear them anywhere but around the house or maybe at the beach.

So, now you know why I changed into that particular outfit to make jam. Trust me, it will be worn again soon as I’m heading out this next week to get blackberries to make syrup and jam.


4 responses to “Clothes for cooking

  1. What fun. I love oversized clothes. Now that we are retired we can wear what we want and still have fun dressing up. Check out the photo in today’s post of my grandson in San Diego. He likes a big white shirt too. I thought it was a new CA trend?

  2. Oversized men’s clothes are great for all kinds of projects! Gardening also comes to mind.

  3. Smart! I have a couple of aprons I put on when I know it’s going to be a messy cooking job.

  4. What a great idea! I don’t cook any more, but when I did I used aprons, which I loved to see get dirty. I also wiped my hands on them all the time while cooking. But oversized shirts seem even more perfect. 🙂

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