And here’s summer

I knew May was going to whiz by, but it really became evident when I was talking to someone about it being the beginning of May only to have them point out to me that I was saying this on May 15, the middle of the month. Next thing I knew, it was May 30, and the month was gone.

Every day in May had something going on, so I am really excited to turn my calendar page to June and see that I only have three obligations written in any of those boxes. Oh, there will be chores and tasks to accomplish, but no big demands on my time. I’m looking forward to enjoying those summer days and doing a lot of relaxing. You’re probably thinking, “she’s retired; what does she need to relax from?” Yeah, I know it should be that way, but the days sure seem filled. Of course, they are filled with things that I really want to do, but the days in June will be blank and I can just get up in the morning and make plans as the day progresses.

I will also spend some time getting my self in shape for July. Just as June has very few days with plans penciled in, July is filled to the brim with lots to do. Heavy demands on the days which means I need lots of energy, strength, and good health.

Before I know it, summer will be wrapping up and the calendar will fill up with numerous responsibilities. My daughter has already let me know that Leeya will be out of school for the month of October so if we want to plan trips, that would be a good time to do so. She starts kindergarten at the end of July, in a year-round school, so vacation will be scattered throughout the year. That will work well for my minister daughter whose Christmas and summer holidays are the busiest. I like it too, so that we can go places on the off-season.

For now, summer is here. Enjoy the long warm days, the fresh fruits and vegetables, and the relaxed living. I know I will.

5 responses to “And here’s summer

  1. enjoy your month! I know what you mean about responsibilities.

  2. I definitely intend to enjoy the summer to the max, Delaine. It’s just about perfect right now, other than the pain in my lower back (which is getting better). Doesn’t keep me from doing what I want if I’m careful. Being in shape is important for our busy retired lifestyles. 🙂

  3. Yes, being retired is just plain wonderful. Enjoy your summer.

  4. Being retired is a full time job. Our spring is ending. So far great weather except for the odd storm.

  5. I agree! I can’t believe how quickly May few through. And now June is doing the same thing. What the heck! I need somebody to slow time down.

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