Having my cake and eating dessert too

Those who know me well know that I am mad about desserts. If available, I will eat dessert BEFORE a meal, and perhaps even forego the main meal just to get to dessert.

That said, I will only eat really good desserts. And no Costco desserts. Those things are made to feed an army, and they are made to hold up well for a very long time, which means they are shot full of preservatives. Those preservatives literally turn my insides inside-out.

A bowl of ice cream, plain ice cream scooped from a carton, does nothing for me, either. I will take a handful of Lactaid, though, for really good artisan ice cream. Usually, homemade ice cream doesn’t live up the hype so I decline. If one, though, has gone to the trouble to make a dairy-free variety, I will always partake. This is a person after my own heart.

Every so often I am served a beautiful dessert that I am thrilled to try only to find that it just does not measure up and I have to leave it after a few cursory bites. Sigh. I have come to the conclusion that life is far too short to eat bad food.

Stressed spelled backwards is dessert. Go have a piece of cake. Really good cake.


12 responses to “Having my cake and eating dessert too

  1. I’d only eat diary-free dessert if it doesn’t contain some kind of fake dairy. I agree about the Costco cakes. They kind of taste soapy to me. I do love a nice homemade trifle with lots of fruit. Not necessarily with Peeps!

  2. For some reason coconut milk always tastes soapy to me after the first little bit. I really want to like it, but in the end I don’t so much. It’s disappointing. I do like those Mexican coconut popsicles, though. I have no problem with them.

  3. I go for a good pecan pie. (It’s a Southern thing, y’all!)

  4. We usually don’t have dessert on a regular basis, although I usually have a handful of raisins or a couple of dried apricots after dinner to take care of the craving for sweet stuff. Every couple of weeks, though, the urge for something sweet strikes; I buy something at the store and indulge.

    • No dessert here on a regular basis, either, Kathy. Most days, I don’t get to eat anything sweet and gooey. I guess that’s why really good desserts are so special to me. That said, think I’ll make a blackberry pie today!

  5. you are a dessert connoisseur! I am partial to chewy fudgy brownies, ice cream and choc sauce all together! It’s usually good wherever

  6. I love chocolate, really good dark chocolate. And if I allowed myself, I would have ice cream much more often than I do. But I am not really a dessert person. For that I’m thankful. 🙂

    • There was a time that I could eat a one pound box of chocolates all by myself. Now, not so much. I go into See’s Candy to buy gifts and usually turn down the sample they offer as it’s chocolate. And, like you, I like really good chocolate when I have it. However, caramels are my downfall every time. I love caramels.

  7. I love dessert, too, but I am not very picky as to what I eat. I love Hagen Daz ice cream and lemon cookies, in particular.

  8. I love it that stressed backwards is desserts. I know any chocolate dessert always lifts my spirits. I wouldn’t mind having dessert first too.

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