A day in the life of a retired school teacher

It is hot here. One hundred degree days are upon us. That means getting tasks done early in the day then staying in the air-conditioned house.

Yesterday I was up at sunrise, which is 5:40, to take a walk. The sun was coming up when I passed the ponding basin and the geese called to me:


I watered the yards after getting home. Then worked on a project making party favors for a birthday lunch next week:


One lone lemon cupcake called to me, and since I needed to clear the table for my next project, I decided to stop and have a treat:


A new Instagram friend encouraged me to start an art journal, and since I had art supplies out already, I decided to give it a try:


Terry wears a hat to protect his head and face, but both hats are winter-like. I decided to head to Target to find one more suited for summer:


He’s not too sure about the style I picked out. He thinks it’s too dressy. I think it could go either way, depending on what else he’s wearing. I got two sizes, not knowing Terry’s hat size, so one has to go back, but I’m determined he keeps one for the summer months ahead.

Due to the heat, we ate a cool supper of salads and cheese sandwiches.

Today I’m again up early as I am headed out to give the last school tour of the season at Kearney Mansion. I will stop at Target to return the hat that was too large.


7 responses to “A day in the life of a retired school teacher

  1. Stay cool! We won’t reach much past 70 today. Yesterday the high was 65, with full sunshine. Felt warmer! I like the hat; if you changed the ribbon it would look less dressy, I think. 🙂

  2. If you’re taking a poll I think the hat is very nice and makes him look distinguished

  3. hard to find the right hat. Take him along.

  4. Sounds like our days, without the artwork. I like the Panama hat. I assume it’s straw and cooler. I need to buy one for David.

  5. Hubby dislikes hats and told me they make me look old. I wear them anyway. Lol.
    Sandwiches and salads sound great, and that cupcake with the berries looked refreshing, too.

    • Terry pretty much has to wear a hat when out in the sun. He has thinning hair and his scalp can burn. He has also had a few noncancerous skin lesions removed, all due to too much sun as a youngster. Sunblock and hats are the answer. I just want him to wear a lighter weight hat in summer than his “Indiana Jones” style winter hats.

  6. Your Terry is a very handsome fellow and he looks fabulous in the hat. He should wear it everywhere. I’m always after Art to wear a hat when he goes out in the Hawaiian sun.

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