Just growing ornamentals here

Kathy at Second Half posted photos of some plants she picked up at close-out prices. I am envious of her tomato plants which came with fruit already set on the stalks.

I planted heirloom tomato seeds which produced a few seedlings. I was able to transplant two, neither of which has had any blooms. I read that the plants will not bloom in temperatures over 80 degrees. Well, we won’t see that temperature until late fall.

The plants look nice. Here is the bigger of the two:


Very pretty but unproductive.


8 responses to “Just growing ornamentals here

  1. frustrating when they don’t produce. I have strawberries that seed wlidly, flower and that’s it.

  2. It’s those darn bees! They need to be around to pollinate things. And a fellow gardener was told to plant TWO blueberry plants if she wanted fruit, and boy, does she ever. I need to get some pictures of that. I don’t understand the world of fruits, but I’m learning. 🙂

  3. I’ve never had luck growing tomatoes from seed. Hope something happens for you soon

  4. I just saw her huge tomato plants too. She really got a good deal. My Satsuma tangerine tree is pretty big now BUT still not producing!

  5. Tomato plants set fruit when the daytime temps are in the 90s and nighttime temps do not dip below 70.

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