Summer cooking

The heat is on. We broke a record here yesterday with 110 degrees. The humidity is very low, though, 8%, so it’s not as bad as it could be. We always say, ‘it’s a dry heat.’ Yeah, that’s the cold comfort we give ourselves.

The last two evenings have been too hot to consider cooking dinner. I ate out for lunch yesterday so told Terry he could fend for himself for dinner as I was still full from a lovely birthday celebration. I think he ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

It was cool this morning, and the fridge had many items from last week’s csa box still hanging around. Perfect time to clean the fridge, use up the veggies, and cook dinner. I roasted zucchini and potatoes, made a summer salad, and baked these:


By the time I finished, the temperature was hitting 90, and with the oven going, the house had gotten warm, too. I made a cool drink and called it quits for the day. At least dinner is done.



9 responses to “Summer cooking

  1. I think I would have simply melted into a puddle like the Wicked Witch. That drink looks so cool and inviting. Take care of yourself during these awful days, and it’s not even summer yet!

    • The drink is made with the blackberry syrup I made a couple of weeks ago. Syrup and sparkling water with ice makes a refreshing beverage for these hot days. Going to see if I can find any more strawberries to make a batch of strawberry syrup but I think it may be too late for strawberries. Last week of boysenberries.

  2. I must say I enjoyed the coolest day in June that I can remember. Sat on the front porch most of the day without breaking a sweat. Unusual for Texas.

    Sorry for your heat. A brief respite for me, but my time is coming.

  3. Wow that’s hot for this time of year. Your biscuits look amazing!

  4. Nice looking drink and buns!
    Don’t you have a/c??? We sure do.

  5. Cooking in the AM makes sense. I also like to make a pot of something we can eat over several days. Love those rolls. The funny looking one made of leftover bits especially.

  6. I used to hear that about dry heat all the time, but when it’s that hot, heat is heat! I would have drunk that entire pitcher.

  7. Wow, that is HOT! But the biscuits look amazing! Homemade biscuits are one off my favorites.

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