You would think I’d learn


A couple of friends recommended this Pinterest recipe. I’m not a big fan of Pinterest food and often find the recipes revolting. This was one such recipe, but with glowing recommendations, I decided to give it a try. As you can see from the top photo, it turned out to be a mess. Please note the globs of dry cake mix still sitting on the finished cake.

What is this so-called recipe? Put fresh fruit in a 13 x 9 pan, sprinkle white or yellow cake mix over the fruit, pour a can of sprite or 7-up over the whole thing, bake in a 350 oven. I baked it for 30 min but after complaining about my bad results, one of my recipe advisors said I should have baked it for 45 minutes. I cannot see where another 15 minutes would have helped dry cake mix. Besides the fruit was just right and the edges were crispy.

Terry says he likes it well enough to eat it. I sure wouldn’t serve it to guests unless I never wanted them to return. Terry did point out how picky I am about desserts so that may be part of my problem.

I found that if I flip the ‘cobbler’ over, the fruit part is okay to eat.


I’m always skeptical of recipes that use a prepackaged product, like a cake mix, in a non ordinary way. You’d think I’d learn!


12 responses to “You would think I’d learn

  1. Not only cake mix, but a can of sprite? It sure looks a lot better than I would have thought it would. The fruit looks yummy. 🙂

    • I know, revolting…but I was assured by these two friends of how easy and delicious it was. I thought, maybe, just maybe, there was some alchemy here that I didn’t see. But, no. You’d think I’d learn my lesson…

  2. It’s the Sprite that gets me. I wonder what adding the Sprite is intended to do?

    • I actually understand this part of the equation. It’s the carbonation of the sprite working with the leavening in the cake mix. I use sparkling water with Bisquick when I make biscuits. My biscuits are THE best. But, just pouring it over the top of dry cake mix? Uh , no.

  3. I’ve tried a similar recipe and it was ok. Then again, I’ve heard people complaining about some of the Pinterest recipes.

    • Too many Pinterest recipes start with prepared foods like this one with the cake mix. I really prefer recipes that use real ingredients, not stuff made in a factory.

  4. You could use the recipe to test your friendship.

    On a more serious note. I just bought an oven thermometer and discovered my oven temperature is wrong. I’ve been undercooking everything, thinking the temp was 20 degrees warmer.

    • That’s funny b/c I just baked a batch of muffins, same temp and time as always, and they are a bit brown on the bottom. I’m wondering if MY oven is baking TOO hot. Told Terry I’m losing my baking mojo!

  5. I’ve made a similar recipe with cake mix called a dump cake, using canned fruit, cake mix, and butter. Not the most appealing looking dish (I wouldn’t serve it to anyone I was trying to impress), but it’s tasty.

  6. Immediately I saw the photo, before I began reading even, I automatically knew it was a soda pop dump cake. I found the recipe in a magazine and had the same globs of uncooked cake mix on the top and I, who will eat anything sweet, didn’t like the taste and flushed it down the disposal. On the other hand, I’ve used the traditional dump cake recipe for years, trying different fillings, with great results. (Dump 1 can pie filling … cherry and pumpkin my favorite … 1 can crushed pineapple, mix together, sprinkle dry cake mix over top, smooth it out, dot with butter). Top with nuts optional. (Bake 350 around 45 minutes). Trust me, Terry will gobble it up.

  7. I’ve seen lots of wonderful looking recipes and have tried them. 50% of the time, it’s been so so. It’s much better if somebody shares a dish at a party that I can actually try and then ask the recipe for that I can be confident will turn out well.

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