Local travels

Although not interested in foreign travel, Terry and I love to visit places in our own state, especially places so close by that we can make the trip in one day. After dropping the Subaru to be serviced yesterday, we headed down Highway 99 to visit a few towns on the east side of the Valley.

Exeter was our first stop. This little town is like stepping back to 1955. Very hometown, main street picturesque. It is surrounded by orange groves, and the downtown buildings are covered with beautiful murals. I had visited here with a friend a couple of years ago but Terry had never been. Mind you, like me he grew up in the valley but had never visited these little outlying towns.

You may remember the hat discussion I wrote about a few weeks ago. Terry wore his summer hat for this outing. Here he is, attempting to get a better shot of one of the murals:


A major stop on this trip was in Strathmore at The Orange Works. This is an old orange packing shed that’s been made over into a cafe. They do an amazing amount of business. And the sandwiches are delicious, but what people really come for is the freshly made orange ice cream. Not orange sherbet, but orange ice cream. It is so unusual and the best ice cream I have ever eaten:


We finished our trip with a stop in the tiny town of Lindsay. The temperature was in the 90s by now, the sun beating down on us, but we wanted to see the murals here, too. Far fewer than the 28 painted in Exeter, but nonetheless charming. This mural of the first town’s doctor, a woman, is on the side of the medical building in town that houses a dentist and optometrist.


By 2 pm we were melting so headed back to Fresno where I picked up my freshly serviced car. It felt good to be home early enough to get a few chores done. I didn’t have to fix dinner, though, as we had half of our sandwiches left over from our lunch at the Orange Works. We ate our ice cream first and brought the sandwiches home!


7 responses to “Local travels

  1. That ice cream looks like frozen yogurt, but I guess it’s not. I sure would like to taste it to pass my own judgment. Thanks for the fun pictures. Glad Terry didn’t fall off! 🙂

    • It’s like a soft-serve ice cream. I’m not at all interested in most ice creams, and since I’m lactose intolerant, I really don’t ever eat ice cream. I had been told by many how good this was, so last year a friend and I made the drive and gave it a try, after I took a handful of Lactaid. I had never tasted anything like this. It’s made on the premises with real oranges grown on the property. I think they may use the rind, definitely the zest. I took a quart home to Terry and he too was amazed at the flavor. That’s the whole reason for this trip, to get orange ice cream at the Orange Works!

  2. Lovely day trip, would love to try that ice cream!

  3. Terry makes a great statue. That orange ice cream is very intriguing. I’d need to taste it too.

  4. Day trips are grand. If I want to do one I sign up with a local group like the Smithsonian Associates. I wish David would do some long distance driving, but he’s not able. Enjoy your exploration as long as you can. You live in a beautiful state!

  5. I hate to be in the car for long periods of time. I almost died when we drove from San Francisco to Monterey and back to San Francisco.

    • Yeah, I’m not fond of long car trips, either. We made a lot of them when our daughter attended college in northern Oregon. Twelve hour trips, yuck. I can handle an hour or so. It’s just under an hour from our house to Exeter. Then another 15 minutes from Exeter to Strathmore. Coming back from Lindsay was the longest stretch on this trip, 1 1/2 hours.

      However, when we go to visit our daughter in San Mateo, that’s a 3 hour car trip and I prefer to do it all in one stretch. When we have the grandkids with us we stop along the way and it seems to make the trip take forever.

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