Summer work

Since it gets hot in the afternoons around here, and since we love summer mornings when the sun is up at 5:40, we thought today would be a good morning for yard work.

While I cleaned the patio and greenhouse pad (again), Terry trimmed trees. Although the backyard is pretty much my domain, I cajoled him to take some limbs off of the pear tree.


I am writing this post, on my iPhone, while he cuts up the downed brush. That’s what I call teamwork.


7 responses to “Summer work

  1. You crack me up! Doing your part, I see, and making me smile. 🙂

  2. Nice to get things done!

  3. That’s my idea of teamwork. I like to get outside early too. So are your pears edible?

  4. I wonder if my husband will work in my gardens with me someday. All he sees is the lawn.

  5. Yes, he is a big help.

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