Enjoying summer work

After all that cleaning and pruning on Monday, I enjoyed spending Tuesday morning on the patio, doing my reading and writing, and watching the sunlight move across the yard. There was a delightful breeze that made the wind chimes sing.


I stayed out there until noon when I came in and baked biscuits for my lunch. Terry was gone most of the day, providing technology assistance to members of the organization for which he volunteers. He enjoyed a biscuit along with watermelon we got in our csa box yesterday when he got home and the temperature had climbed to 94 degrees.

It’s nice to get ones work done early in the day so as to be indoors during the heat of the day.


8 responses to “Enjoying summer work

  1. I love to sit outside to write, but the mosquitoes here have been just awful so far this year. I saw a report that all the eggs hatched at once, and that is supposed to mean when they die, the rest of the summer will be better. I’m really hoping that’s true! I’m always a little envious of your posts about working out doors :-).

  2. Since the neighbors whacked the Walnut tree that once shaded our patio/ porch on hot afternoons, I have spent more and more time outside in the morning. Delightful breeze this AM.

    • I love our big trees for the shade. We don’t do much with the pear and maple in the backyard, but Terry takes the mulberry in the front yard down to the nubbins each fall/winter because it’s a fruited mulberry and the fruit comes on the old wood and makes a terrible mess. The neighbors always think we’ve killed the tree because he prunes it back so far, but it comes right out and shades our living room window in the mornings. Love that tree.

  3. Ah, the good life!

  4. Our high temperature was twenty degrees cooler, and it was plenty hot enough for me. I once, long ago, lived in Bakersfield and have a memory of the hot sidewalks burning my feet. 🙂

    • Oh, yes, Bakersfield heat is just like Fresno’s. Your heat, now, though, feels different because of the high humidity. I remember being in Oregon, moving our daughter out of her dorm one May, and just melting. Found out the temperature was 72 degrees! What? Well, the humidity was over 40 percent. That’s why it felt so hot.

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