Some thoughts on life right now

Making : plum jelly this morning

Cooking : beef ribs in wine later

Drinking : a cup of Kati Kati Arabica coffee that Terry brewed this morning

Reading: Hope for Children in Poverty, The December Project, Chestnut Street

Wanting: some new pens and more watercolor pencils

Looking: really great after my haircut and color by my great stylist yesterday

Playing: the ‘what if’ game…What if I start attending a different church?

Wasting: much less of everything in my new thrifty mode

Wishing: that this time of my life could just go on forever

Enjoying: the amazing light that comes into the computer room in early morning and late evening

Waiting: for an answer from God as to what I should do about church attendance

Liking: all the fabulous produce from the farmers markets and our csa box

Wondering: how the kitties will manage while we are gone next month

Loving: the summer days

Hoping: that Leeya’s broken arm is healed by the time she and Judah come to stay with us next month

Needing: absolutely nothing

Smelling: morning air coming in the open windows on a morning so cool we can open up the house

Wearing: my pajamas as I just got up at 6:15

Noticing: I’m not hearing much from my friends this summer

Knowing: we need to help the children at our borders who are coming here as refugees

Thinking: about how I still feel compelled to rush from one activity to the next as if I have little time and a packed schedule

Feeling: grateful for the wonderful life I am living with good health, good friends, good home, and wonderful family in a safe and secure place

Opening: the drapes each morning to sunshine


This was ‘stolen’ from my young teacher friend who moved off to Washington state and had a gorgeous baby.


7 responses to “Some thoughts on life right now

  1. What a nice way to post your present situation. I really enjoyed reading all those little bits. Perfect! 🙂

  2. Very nice way to live in the moment!

  3. all good thoughts!

    • Yes, life is pretty darn good for those of us blessed enough to live in the USA and remain part of the rapidly shrinking Middle Class. And yet, there are those so blessed who don’t appreciate this beautiful country filled with over abundance for some and not enough for others.

      Why else would someone send a child into the hands of strangers? Can we assume the Central Americans who packed their kids off to the US/Mexico border love their children? Did they sell their children to traffickers? Is this child trafficking taken to a new level?

      Lately, we’ve carried bags and bags of groceries to the local food bank. The volunteers who staff it were particularly pleased to receive fresh fruit. Many hungry people in the DC area.

  4. I liked this post. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. What a wonderful post! I’m remembering bio-poems from school and how the kids loved them. With your permission, I’d like to try your “right now” style at some point in my own blog.

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