Cool treats for hot summer days

I love really good popsicles and ice cream treats. I mean REALLY good treats. Like the kind that cost $2 a bar or $5 a sandwich. Prohibitive. So I decided to make my own.

Combining my brown sugar cookies with ThreeTwins Sergio Romo’s Mexican Chocolate gave me this:


Then I tried ThreeTwins Milk & Honey with my oatmeal cookies for this:


The plum jelly I attempted to make is more like plum syrup so I mixed some with lemon water and made plum lemon popsicles:


All three got rave reviews.


9 responses to “Cool treats for hot summer days

  1. Those all look amazing! I miss having time for stuff like that. Might have to try some home made cookie-ice cream sandwiches before the summer is over though :-).

  2. Oh, how much I would like to have one of those ice cream treats. It’s my favorite comfort food, and I don’t have it very often. That picture, though, has set my mouth watering, for real. 🙂

  3. I’ve been baking too. I’d like to try that first recipe. Looks yummy.

  4. Mmmmm….ice cream sandwiches. Now I’m hungry again.

  5. yummy summer treats!

  6. My eyesight is going. I thought the first item was baked. I helps to read the text. Ha Ha!

    • Can you have dairy products? I have to take a handful of Lactaid before I can eat a few bites of ice cream. I share these ice cream sandwiches with Terry, but I eat the whole popsicle. I would guess you could make the sandwiches with a gluten free cookie.

  7. They look delicious. I wish I could indulge. I just can’t eat ice cream. You were very clever to try these. I’m sure they were better than anything you can buy.

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