Set back on my heels

Thank you for all the kind commiserations with my painful heel. Right now, sitting here at the dining table, typing away, with my foot tucked in behind my other leg, I have NO PAIN. Such a divine feeling. However, when the washer or dryer buzzer calls, and I stand up, the pain shrieks through my leg and I slowly limp off towards the garage to get the next load of laundry.

I am slowly working on my list of preparations for the next two weeks with our grandchildren. This heel problem has literally set me back on my heels, causing me to pare down the tasks I need to do. Terry is stepping in and taking on more of the responsibility. I have given him a heads-up about what will need to be done on Saturday and he has been agreeable.

My doctor ordered a blood test which I shlepped out early yesterday morning to get. I even felt good enough to stop at an ATM for some cash. A few more phone calls during the day told me I had to pick up a prescription for an anti-inflammatory and that I had an appointment for Thursday with a podiatrist. My internist’s office called to say I would be scheduled for an echocardiogram on Monday. I had to turn down that invitation as we will be out of town. However, she insisted that I come in the following Monday. I’m sure my grandchildren will be fine staying with Grampa and watching cartoons.

I’ve never been to a podiatrist so I am sort of looking forward to that appointment later today. Unfortunately, our afternoon temperature will be around 104 degrees when I go to it.


10 responses to “Set back on my heels

  1. Delaine this may be a signal that your body needs you to slow down and put your health first!

    • I do need to stretch more before starting my days. I thought I was doing a good job of stretching, but not my Achilles tendon, it turns out.

  2. Oh, my, Delaine. I am also hoping that all this attention will get to the bottom of the problem, and set you on the track towards complete healing. It all sounds very positive to me 🙂

  3. I also hope you are on the track to feeling less pain and getting to the bottom of what has been causing this pain. Do slow down. Rest. Enjoy the grandkids, too.

  4. I see a podiatrist, because I had a terrible infection in my toes. Now that it is cured, I still see her for a pedicure.

  5. I’m sure your car and the docs office are both air conditioned. It will be wonderful to find out and heal the heel. 🙂

  6. I see a podiatrist every couple of months for one issue or another…mostly in-grown toenails. Nothing I am doing to cause it. My body is drying out…first the nails curved in then the Achilles’ tendons began causing excruciating pain.

    My ECG is Thursday..preop for surgery 7/17. Blood draw yesterday, and MRSA test. NSA does the latter matter-of -factory. Now our hospital has joined in the testing. Apparently, this infection is becoming commonplace here in the states.

    Good lick to Gramps with the kids. Hope your car has AC.

    • Yes, we are fortunate here in this heat that our inside worlds are air conditioned. No one in Fresno would consider buying a car without air conditioning.

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