The podiatrist and the retired school teacher

My absolutely fabulous internist sent me to an absolutely fabulous podiatrist. Guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. She only works with the best.

The podiatrist was also thrilled to know that my internist was back at work after almost a year’s battle for her health. We both agreed she was too good a doctor to lose. He was pleased to know that she had taken X-rays of my heel and done some blood work so as to rule out other problems with my left foot.

His exam showed that it is not bursitis as the bursa is doing just fine, but rather tendonitis. Just by pressing at the very base of heel and my immediate scream, he could diagnose it. As some of you have already posted in your comments, I need to slow down a bit and stretch more. I thought I was stretching with the exercises I do, but I guess it’s not enough. Had I been in town for the next couple of weeks, he would have sent me to physical therapy. I may still take him up on that after the grandchildren are on their way home. This is not an ailment I want to have return.

For now I have a boot for the day time, a splint for the night time. The podiatrist prescribed two topical anti-inflammatories–a gel for the day; a patch while sleeping. The gel is so good that my pharmacist said many people whose insurance will not pay for it will buy it themselves. Fortunately, my insurance covered all but $35. So far, I think it’s money well spent. As of this morning I am walking with almost no pain. And by walking, I mean real walking, not limping like a peg-legged pirate.

Our daughter called to check on me this morning and was glad to hear I am on the mend. As were the small grandchildren. They are looking forward to us joining them at the concert in the park next Thursday and spending the week with them. Judah was pleased to hear that I had found another garbage truck for him as I stood around the pharmacy waiting for my prescriptions to be filled. Life for the retired school teacher is looking pretty good right now. I’ll keep you apprised as to how it goes these next few days.


14 responses to “The podiatrist and the retired school teacher

  1. Wonderful news! I have just recently developed a sore spot on my own heel and wonder if it is beginning tendinitis. I’ll be interested to hear how your recovery progresses. Just in case. 🙂

  2. tendonitis sounds better than bursitis for some reason…swift healing!

    • I think achilles tendonitis can be more dangerous than bursitis from what the podiatrist showed me. If the tendon splits or ruptures, it may not heal at all or it may have to be surgically repaired. I am taking this healing process very seriously. It should take about three weeks of wearing a boot during the day and a splint at night as well as using topical anti-inflammatories.

  3. I am glad you are recovering well.

  4. Those stretches really helped me. That and wearing backless shoes. My poor feet just couldn’t take anything rubbing across the Achilles’ tendon. Congratulations on finding a good Podiatrist.

    • I must give all the credit for the podiatrist to my internist. She really does pick the very best doctors in town to send me to. The podiatrist knows my dr and, like me, was so pleased to know that she was back in her office doing what she does so well, practicing medicine.

  5. Glad to hear you’re on the mend

  6. I’m so glad this doc is such a winner.

  7. I’m seeing this post now. I’m glad you saw such a great podiatrist and that the problem was diagnosed and treated. My son has suffered from heel pain for months. I think he needs a second opinion.

    • Sally, I had never been to a podiatrist and really knew nothing about them. My internist referred me. The podiatrist seems to be excellent at what he does. I was sure impressed. So far, so good. Except, the anti-inflammatories have made me dizzy so I have cut way back on their use.

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  9. This gel sounds like a miracle drug or cream. I could have really used it a couple of days ago.

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