My new fashion accessory.



13 responses to “My new fashion accessory.

  1. hope it won’t be for long!

  2. I hope that darn thing helps you. It didn’t help me. The calf muscle stretches did the most good. Good luck?

    • I like wearing it as it keeps my ankle very stable when out walking around. I don’t wear it in the house, though. THe splint at night makes a huge difference. My ankle no longer hurts when I step out on it first thing in the morning. The splint keeps the tendon stretched during the night.

  3. Uh- oh. That sure doesn’t look like much fun. 😦

    • I really don’t mind wearing it when I go out. It keeps the tendon stable while I walk. I just go very slowly, which I guess is what I’m suppose to do.

  4. Oh no. Although, I guess it should be a good thing that you have this. What did the doctor decide is the problem?

  5. waaah. but that’s a cool way to think of it, fashion accessory. 😛

  6. Well, I sure hope it helps you!

    • It really has, along with the splint at night. There is no longer any pain, thank God, and I’m able to walk pretty well. Tomorrow I will go without the boot because I need to wear pants for an event late in the day.

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