End of week 1

Wow, what a fast week. We are on our way home, about 30 minutes from Fresno, as I type this.

The boot worked so well with my heel. No pain all week. I even put it away on Thursday so as to wear a pair of pants instead of the skirts which work well with the boot. Still did fine and that was with walking twice to church, shopping for shoes for Leeya and going to the concert in the park.

Tonight begins the grandkids’ week at our house. Their other grandma has arranged swim lessons for Leeya starting on Monday. Leeya was fortunate to get the cast off of her fractured arm on Wednesday so she is ready for swimming. Which is a good thing. The temperatures will be over 100 all week.


5 responses to “End of week 1

  1. Good news about the heel. Glad to hear you are doing well and ready for the heat. We are already in the low 80s, which is about as hot as I can deal with, about 15 degrees warmer than normal for us. 🙂

  2. so glad the boot is helping! And swim lessons are so important.

  3. Happy you are feeling better. Enjoy the grandkids!

    • I think I did too much ‘enjoying’ on Saturday. My heel was hurting by the end of the day. Terry had to get the kids ready for bed, and he did a superb job. I’m taking it very easy on Sunday with no where to go and only fixing meals as my chores for the day.

  4. I’m so pleased the boot works. I love it when one of my wrist braces solves problems too. Wonderful news.

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